How to Make a Demo Tape


Learn how to record a demo tape of your music or band to send to record labels or get a record deal in this free online video series.

Series Summary

Any band, solo artist or musical collective hoping to release an album must first record a demo tape or CD. Music labels get thousands of demo tapes every week, and your demo not only has to be good, but must have some unique quality or hook that will catch the ear of music industry executives. But where do you start? Renting out studio time can yield high quality results, but can be very expensive. Technology has progressed to the point that you can record a great sounding demo at home for a reasonable amount of money.

In these free online instructional videos you'll learn how to record your own demo tape or CD in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule. Expert Jerimae Yoder shows you exactly what equipment you'll need, and how to set up microphones to record vocals, drums, and guitars, as well as how to plug in keyboards to get the best possible sound quality. He also offers tips on mastering and mixing down your multi-track mix to the version you'll send out to the labels. Then, once you've been signed and your career takes off, your demo will become a highly prized collectors' item, traded by bootleggers and record enthusiasts who insist that that early demo really captures your sound in it raw form!

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