How to Tune a Fiddle


Learn how to tune a fiddle correctly in this free video clip series.

Series Summary

A fiddle is simply a violin that is used in bluegrass and country music. There is not much different about the two except that a fiddle's bridge is a bit less curved so that there is less right arm motion needed to bow the instrument quickly. This is to increase the speed at which a fiddle player is able to play. The rounded bridges of violins allow for better articulation on the notes. Fiddles, just as every other stringed instrument need to be tuned on a regular basis either to itself or to the other instruments it is being played with. It is good to learn how to tune your fiddle yourself quickly. It helps your own ear identify specific pitches and the tones your instrument creates when it is in and out of tune.

This is a great video clip series on learning how to tune your fiddle. Our expert has played for years and gives not one but many different choices of ways to tune your instrument. He shows you how to tune it to itself, to a piano, a tuning fork or an electronic tuner. There is no wrong way. Take your pick and practice every time you think your fiddle needs tuning. This series will help you develop your ear to know when your fiddle needs attention as well so you'll be ready to play any time!

This series is an Equilibrio Films production.

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