Magic Tricks Revealed : Learn Popular Illusions Free


In this free video clip series, our expert will demonstrate and explain many popular magic tricks and illusions, explaining step by step how to reproduce their impressive effects. Impress and confuse friends and family with a wide variety of magic tricks!

Series Summary

The art of magic and conjuring has been prevalent for hundreds if not thousands of years, baffling and astounding audiences with tricks that convince them the impossible has been achieved. There are several categorizations of illusions, such as vanishings, transformations, restoration and levitation, and many of the most popular tricks a magician can demonstrate use cards or coins. This sort of magic, commonly called street magic, is highly respected due to the closeness the illusionist must keep with his audience. Although the veil of secrecy is usually impenetrable amongst magicians, it is possible to work alongside a professional magician or illusionist and learn from his techniques.

In this free video clip series, however, you will learn a variety of magic tricks and illusions from a professional magician to amaze your friends and family. Coin and card tricks of varying degrees of difficulty will be demonstrated and explained for the beginner magician. Learn coin folding tricks, penetration illusions, reproduction illusions such as the “multiplying money” trick, and much more. The rules of magic are also included and explained.

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