How to do Card Tricks


Learn playing card tricks that will allow you to shuffle and deal a deck of playing cards in very unique ways, in this free online video series.

Series Summary

Magic is an art of illusion, a practice in deception, a training in trickery. People have been entertaining, deceiving, or swindling crowds throughout history with feats of prestidigitation, decorated with salesmanship, dramatic effect, confidence, and charisma.

Card tricks are among some of the most popular and infamous illusions used by magicians. With the illusion magicians use a great deal of showy techniques as so much of the art is in the dramatic presentation; consequently card trick magicians must learn to master using a deck of cards. In this free online video series learn from professional magician Chris McKay as he demonstrates card fundamentals, and techniques such as throwing cards, springing cards, overhead shuffle, spread turn, table shuffle, riffle shuffle, bridging cards, Charlier Cut, the Hindu Shuffle, as well as a magic trick.

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