Beginning Wing Tsun Techniques


Wing Tsun is a powerful form of Kung Fu that is center around deflections and quick attacks. Learn more about Wing Tsun and Kung Fu techniques from a professional martial artist in this free video series.

Series Summary

Kung Fu is a form of martial arts that is native to China and based heavily in tradition. According to tradition, forms of martial arts are traced as far back as the 12th century BC. The term “Kung Fu” was first heard in Western countries in the 20th century and was wildly popularized by Hong Kong films in the 1960s. Kung Fu involves various philosophies suggesting deeper meaning than just the fighting style. For a process to become part of Kung Fu, a student must show motivation, self-discipline, and patience.

In this free video series our expert Todd Shawn Tei will walk you through several methods utilized in Wing Tsun Kung Fu. You'll learn the six basic blocking techniques as well as drills to practice them. Todd will walk you through numerous punch and kick combo variations in order to expand your martial arts knowledge. You'll learn Don Chi Sau, Poon Sau and even the Wing Tsun Su Lum Tau forms. In the end Todd will inspire you with history and technique that will have you on your way towards becoming a great Wing Tsun fighter.

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  • Wing Tsun Blocks

    There are six basic deflections of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Learn more about Wing Tsun and defensive maneuvers from a professional martial artist in this free video. Read More

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