How to Play Ping Pong


Learn how to play the game of table tennis, or ping pong, in this free instructional video lesson.

Series Summary

Table tennis, also called Ping Pong, is a sport which tests the players' hand-eye coordination and reaction time to the extreme. It is one of the most popular sports in the world in terms of numbers of players worldwide, and is played competitively in international tournaments. Table tennis was first played in England in the 1880s, likely as an indoor, miniaturized version of lawn tennis. Soon equipment was manufactured, and the name Ping-Pong was trademarked in 1901 by J. Jaques & Son Ltd., who later sold the name to Parker Brothers.

In this series of free videos you'll learn how to play table tennis. Expert Scott Browder shows you the basics, from how to pick a ping pong table, paddles and balls, to the basic types of shots you'll need to become a ping pong master. You'll learn the handshake grip and the pen grip, how to loosen up and stretch before a match, and how to hold your body and the proper form and stance for playing table tennis. He'll teach you how to serve, how to return a serve, and various types of shots, including the slice, the slam, and a variety of spins that will confuse your opponent and have the competition doubting their skills!

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