Cross Country Running


Learn from an expert how to do cross country running with tips and advice on all you need to know in this free training video series on cross country running.

Series Summary

Running is a popular recreational and fitness activity of many Americans. For cardiovascular health and convenience, running is hard to beat. Whether you live in a city, suburb, or cornfield, you can put on a pair of tennis shoes and take a jog down the road to raise your heart rate and exercise the most important muscle of your body. Before it was a fitness activity, running served as one of the fundamental sports. Footraces have tested speed and athleticism in human cultures for thousands of years. Many people are familiar with the origins of the Marathon, a race created for the 1896 Olympics that recreated the legendary run of a solider from Marathon to Athens with the news “Masters! Victory is ours!”

In this free video series, runner Peter Elizondo shows you the basics to improving your running program. He shares some drills (high knees, butt kicks, and high skips) and explains some healthy habits for before and after a run. Peter also talks about strides and increasing speed through posture and alignment. This is a great series for anyone who wants to start running for personal health or sport.

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