How to Surf


Learn how to surf the ocean waves in these free surfing lessons on video, with clips on wave judgement, longboarding, surfboard stance, surfing etiquette & more.

Series Summary

Surfing comes in many different forms: kneeboarding, bodyboarding, surf-skiing, tow-in surfing, and of course the traditional stand-up surfing. Some surfers enjoy the sport as recreation, while others surf competitively for national and worldwide titles. Traditional surfing consists of paddling out on a surfboard into the ocean and waiting for a breaking wave to come along. Once you see an opening, you paddle in the direction of the moving wave, matching its speed. Once the ocean begins to carry you, you can hop to your feet and maneuver your board, whether it’s to do tricks like hang tens or stalls, to go inside the tube, or to just enjoy riding the wave.

If you are a beginner surfer, watch these instructional videos to familiarize yourself with the basics of surfing. Our expert teacher will give you some tips about different types of surf boards, show you a few good stretches before you go out on the waves, explain the importance of learning to predict what a wave will do, show you how to wax your board, how to stand up on the surfboard, and more.

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