Skydiving & Free-Flying Techniques


In this free instructional video clip series, an expert will discuss and demonstrate several extreme sport tricks you can use when free-flying or skydiving. Learn positions, transitions, flips and much more!

Series Summary

Skydiving and free-flying (parachuting) might seem terrifying to many people, especially those that are afraid of heights or not quite sure that jumping out of plane will be an enjoyable moment for them. However, there remain thousands of people in the United States alone that enjoy skydiving and not only try it, but do it again and again, acquiring skills and techniques during each jump that they take with them to the next. Part of the invigorating experience that comes along with skydiving is the confidence and adrenaline rush that goes along with attempting a so-called extreme sport combined with accomplishment of goals. Divers and free-flyers gain skill, recognition and confidence by executing a variety of rolls, jumps, belly moves, flips, slides and docks. In this free video clip series, our expert will not only help you mentally prepare for your skydiving jump, he will discuss and diagram a variety of move and transitions for skydivers and free-flyers that you can practice in an indoor skydiving tunnel. Learn how to do such moves as the back to sit transition, side slide, front and back flip, and barrel roll while watching live demonstrations of the moves in the indoor tunnel. Learn from a pro how to get the most out of each jump safely and pick up a few new moves!

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