How to Use Gym Exercise Machines


Learn how to use various exercise machines at the gym for strength training and fitness in these free online video clips, including workouts for the abs, triceps, chest, legs, glutes, arms and more.

Series Summary

Strength training develops strength and size of the skeletal muscles which help with flexibility, improved cardiac function and improved joint function. Workout machines that you find at gyms pair weights against your personal strength. You can easily build muscles by using these strength machines. Toning your core and outer muscles and enhancing bone density are some of the benefits of strength training. Increased metabolism occurs for several hours after a workout, which promotes fat loss.

In this series of videos, you can get first hand instruction on strength training machines. For example, you can see clips of our expert using different press machines like the chest press and leg press machines. Learn how to work out your glutious maximus using a glute isolater machine. Work those abdominal muscles on the cable curl machine and the Ab crunch machine. Build your leg muscles with a hack squat machine, the Smith machine, and the leg extension machine. Focus on your calf muscles using a seated calf machine and the seated hamstring curl machine. Build the muscle strength of your arms with the tricep dip machine and the tricep extension machine. Gain strength and tone your body after watching these instructional videos.

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