Resistance Band & Exercise Ball Workout


Learn how to do a resistance band and exercise ball workout for core strength and total body fitness in these free physical conditioning and exercise videos.

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Having an impossible time losing a few pounds? Hate going to the gym and comparing yourself to everyone around you—only to go home feeling defeated and finding comfort in the arms of Ben & Jerry? Think that working out involves twisting your face up in a contorted grimace of painful effort, while you grunt and heave with all of your might? Well, that may work for some, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

There is an easier way to get in shape—and you can do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home if you so prefer. There are a few low impact pieces of exercise equipment that you can use to tone and shape your body; and often these simple tools can produce dramatic results. In these free exercise videos, learn how to workout with a resistance band and a fitness ball. Through the power of the internet, our expert can be your personal trainer and lead you through several exercises to tone your upper and lower body. Learn how to do bicep and triceps curls, how to flatten your abs—and perhaps turn that keg into a six-pack—how to do squats, how to strengthen your lower and upper back, how to work your glutes and hamstrings, and a few others. Try these exercises out and see if they aren’t a simple and effective way to get started on your way to a fitter, happier, more productive you.

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