Left-Handed Golf Tips


Golf tips and techniques for left-handed golfers: learn how to get your left-handed club fitted, how to maintain proper grip on left-handed clubs, how to have proper left-handed stance, posture and alignment, and pick up some tips on left-handed swinging and using left-handed drivers, woods and putters in this free how-to instructional video series on playing golf as a lefty.

Series Summary

Golf is a game in which players use clubs with various degrees of loft to hit a small ball into a hole. It is thought to have originated in the Netherlands but during the 15th century Scotland opened the world's first golf course called St. Andrews and popularized the game to what it has become today. At that time players did not play 18 holes. They would play a total of 22 holes per round instead. In 1764 they decided that a few of the holes were too short so they combined them and the total per round became the 18 we play today. So many games with using sticks have been around for centuries but golf, as we know it today, is thought widely to have originated in Scotland. Most golfers today are right handed so it is difficult to find information that caters to the “lefty.” This free video clip series is full of tips and information that every left handed golfer should know and take to heart. It covers everything from choosing what clubs to buy to putting on the 18th green and everything in between. Golf is not an easy game but with these methods you might just be able to shave off a few strokes.

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