How to Speak Spanish


Learn how to speak Spanish online with video class topics such as money, romance, health, pharmacy numbers, time, and polite expressions.

Series Summary

Spanish is the most studied foreign language among native English speakers, and is the most studied Romance language above French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. English and Mandarin Chinese are the only two languages with a greater number of speakers than Spanish; it is suggested that there are over 400 million Spanish speakers in the world today.

It is not only a practical language to learn for business and personal relationships, given the numbers of speakers, but Spanish is also a very beautiful language. As beautiful if not more so than the other Romance languages, Spanish is pleasing to hear and fun to speak. For English speakers, Spanish is easy to begin learning, as the alphabet is very similar and the grammar is different but very intuitive. Beginning with some basic phrases, pronunciation, and numbers is just a click away.

In this free online video series learn from fluent Spanish speaker and teacher Heather Campbell who holds a BA in Linguistics with emphasis in Spanish Dialectology and Anthropology from Reed College. Heather lived in Spain for one year teaching Spanish and hiking the famous Camino de Santiago. Learn to speak Spanish with common phrases for greeting, hotels, the airport, train travel, taxis, money, romance, directions in Spanish, sightseeing, shopping, health and emergencies, time, Spanish numbers, and polite expressions.

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