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Learn fly tying with free fly tying instructions for fly fishing in this free video series.

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Modern fly fishing is centuries old, having begun in North England and Scotland. However, the history of fly fishing can be traced back over one thousand, eight hundred years to the now mysterious Astraeus River in the Roman Province of Macedonia. In the 2nd Century A.D., Marcus Aelianus described Macedonian fishermen's use of fastening feathers and wool to hooks to attract fish. Fly fisherman today use the same baiting techniques but often buy their own flies at a fly shop. Many modern day fly fisherman choose to tie their own flies as in the “old days” and create that unique fly that has just the right personal touch to make it theirs. If you would like to learn how to tie flies and create your own unique type of fly, learn from a man who has tied his own flies for years and has developed many original fly types that are available to the public. In this free online video series learn how to tie flies from fly tying expert Ed Story who founded Feather Craft Fly Fishing in 1955. Learn fly tying techniques such as using the rotary vice, the bobbin, bobbin cradle, the knob vice, the whip finisher, and de-barbing the hook. As professional fly tyer Ed Story demonstrates fly tying in various steps, learn how to tie flies such as the Crackle Back Trout Fly, and the F-C Pine Squirrel Nymph; learn how to tie the Woolly Worm Trout Fly; and how to tie the Marabou Streamer.

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