How to Play Roller Derby


Learn how to play roller derby with this free video series. Skate, block, slide, whip and push your way to roller derby success.

Series Summary

Roller derby is a contact sport, started in America, and a form of sports entertainment based on formation roller skating around an oval track. While traditionally a professional sport for both women and men, roller derby has developed a predominantly female, amateur circuit with a emphasis on do-it-yourself methods. Most modern roller derby leagues are all-female and self-organized, and formed with an independent aesthetic. These leagues use traditional quad roller skates and dress in a way that gives homage to punk rockers. Many leagues are legally incorporated as non-profit organizations, and most compete on flat tracks.

If you're interested in joining a roller derby league, or just curious about understanding the sport better, these video instructions will teach you all you need to know about the contact sport on skates. An expert will show you what equipment roller derby players use, what slides and skating moves they employ, and how to block and push your way to score in roller derby. It's a physical sport that requires toughness and endurance, an extreme amount of passion, and a few wheels on your feet. Learn techniques and tips to make you a roller derby champion today!

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