Low Impact and No Trace Camping


Learn low impact camping techniques such as how to pack, what size group to camp with, respecting wildlife and how to wash dishes in this free video series.

Series Summary

Low impact camping regulations exist in many camping areas of National Parks throughout the United States. Low impact campers strive to cause the least amount of negative effects on the environment that they are enjoying. Low impact camping includes traveling in smaller groups, using duller colors for camping equipment, not camping on moss or near water, and creating a campfire that will not scorch the organic material in the soil, or the rocks that surround the fire. If you would like to learn low impact camping techniques to be a good steward of the wilderness you enjoy, learn for free, online, from one of our experts.

In this free online video series, learn from outdoor guide and low impact camping expert Bruce Lessels as he teaches and demonstrates low impact camping methods and techniques. Learn what low impact camping is and why it is important, learn what size of camping group is good for low impact camping, how to dispose of human waste and food waste in a low impact method, how to minimize the negative impacts of campfires, how to wash dishes in such a way that will have the least negative impact on the environment, and how to choose a campsite in a heavily trafficked area.

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