Aerobic Dancing Workout Routines


Learn aerobic dancing workout routines in these free exercise & fitness conditioning videos, with stretching exercises for flexibility & aerobic dance training.

Series Summary

The term aerobics, meaning "with air", came from Dr. Kenneth Cooper, of the San Antonio Air Force Hospital. He designated it as the name for the system of exercises he employed to prevent coronary artery disease. It is appropriate nomenclature given that the exercises are designed to condition the lungs to more effectively use oxygen and to strengthen the cardiovascular system. For those who choose to use it, aerobic activity is an important part of fighting heart disease and obesity, as well as increasing energy levels and building overall health and wellness.

Aerobic exercise routines can take many forms. Aerobic dancing is an exercise program that combines elements of dance with traditional aerobic steps and techniques, strength training, and stretching, all set to upbeat music. Instead of exercising in a vacuum, so to speak, aerobic dance takes the approach that workouts should be fun and exciting, using musical rhythms to naturally motivate you, and thus increasing the efficiency of your workout. No, this aerobic training method is not quite Dance Dance Revolution, but the concept is similar; and the benefits of aerobic exercise, in whatever form, are manifold.

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