Emergency Ferret Care


Watch as an expert addresses some serious issues requiring emergency care for a ferret, including how to handle an injured ferret, how to prepare a ferret for surgery, and how to arrange vaccinations for a ferret, in this free video clip on emergency pet aid.

Series Summary

The ferret is a member of the Mustelid family, which also includes weasels, stoats, and martens. Ferrets have been domesticated pets for thousands of years, possibly as far back as 1500 BCE. The long and lean stature of the ferret gives it the ability to get down holes and chase out burrowing creatures, such as rabbits and rodents. This skill has made ferrets very popular hunting companions, and ferrets were often used to help protect grain in the U.S. as recently as World War II. By the 1970s, ferrets became popular household pets in America. Because our pets are much more to us than just animals, knowing how to give them the proper care is essential. We have domesticated these animals from the wild and taught them to expect to have their needs met by humans. In order for the pet-human relationship to work, we have to do our part. In these free video clips, you'll learn emergency care for your pet ferret. Animal lover and expert veterinarian Fran Freedman offers tips on how to care for an abandoned ferret, explains what diseases and illnesses most commonly affect ferrets, and gives advice on selecting a veterinarian to give your pet vaccinations and check-ups. She continues with tips for handling a ferret after surgery, and offers a recipe for duck soup your ferret will love. The tips and advice in these video clips will help ensure your ferret lives a long and healthy life.

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