How to Train a Beagle


Free Beagle obedience training videos: Teach your dog how to behave & stop your dog problems with basic tips & techniques for teaching good animal behavior.

Series Summary

Man has long had a unique relationship with the animals on this planet. We’ve kept them as beasts of burden, to carry loads and draw carriages. We’ve also trained them to herd or hunt other animals. Yet, perhaps as a gentler development from this history, we have begun to bring animals into our homes, to domesticate and care for them, and to call them friends.

Over time, dogs have proven to be well-adapted for human life, expressing qualities of loyalty and bravery, and responding to commands. Since dogs are inherently wild animals, they all need some sort of obedience training to become accustomed to their surroundings and the rules of your home. The most difficult part of this process is communicating with your dog in a civil, non-violent manner, asserting authority without aggression. By praising positive behavior and correcting or ignoring negative behavior, you are able to show your pet what is acceptable without using fear. This helps create a loving relationship between you and your dog.

In this free Beagle obedience training video series, a expert dog trainer will show you many tips, techniques, and tricks to use to teach your dog to take commands. Lessons include how to train your dog to sit, teach your dog to stay, recognize his name, come when you call, lie down, and heel.

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