How to Care for Geriatric Dogs


Learn how to take care of old dogs, in this free geriatric dog care video series.

Series Summary

It happens to all of our puppies. They get old, their muzzles turn gray, their eyes become hazy with cataracts, they lose their hearing, their muscles and joints stiffen, and sometimes they can no longer hold their bladders. It saddens the heart to watch such a loyal friend grow old so quickly before your eyes. Pretty soon your dog has become as needy as it was when it was a puppy. Older dogs not only need a caring heart but need special care as well.

In this free online video series, learn how to care for geriatric dogs from dog care expert Elise MacMahon. Elise will teach you how to take care of your older dogs; when a dog should be considered an old dog and treated accordingly; how to take care of older dogs when they lose their sight, lose their hearing, and lose their appetite; how to maintain an older dog's coat; how to check a dog's teeth; and how old dogs interact with other adult dogs and with puppies.

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