Basic Acupressure Techniques


The ancient healing method known as acupressure has proven effective against countless ailments, from toothaches to hiccups, and now you can learn basic acupressure techniques to address many of these conditions safely and naturally. Learn acupressure from a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in this free video video series.

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  • Acupressure for Nasal Congestion

    Nasal congestion resulting from allergies, colds or flu can respond well to the stimulation of acupressure points Bi Tung and Intestine 20, both located near the base of the nose.… Read More

  • Acupressure Points for Tooth Pain

    While you're waiting for that dental appointment, you can alleviate tooth pain by applying acupressure at the Stomach 3, Stomach 5 and Large Intestine 4 points. An expert shows you… Read More

  • Acupressure to Control Appetite

    Gain control over a raging appetite by using acupressure to trigger the Shin Men Point, Mouth Point, and triggest points of the ear. View an expert demonstration in this free… Read More

  • Acupressure Points for Ringing Ears

    Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, has proven a difficult challenge for both Eastern and Western medicine, but acupressure applied to the Gallbladder 20 point or to a set of… Read More

  • Insomnia and Acupressure

    Worry, mental stimulation or too much exercise near bedtime can all cause internal heat that leads to insomnia, but acupressure using the Anmian and Gallbladder 20 Points can help. Learn… Read More

  • Acupressure Points for Snoring

    While reducing body fat can cure snoring completely, light stretching exercises and manipulation of the Yin Tong acupressure point can reduce the severity of the snoring. Enjoy a quieter night's… Read More

  • Acupressure Points for Digestion

    The Stomach 36 acupressure point, also known as "Leg Three Mile," can stimulate energy flow in the digestive system to improve digestion and relieve digestive upset. Apply pressure to your… Read More

  • Acupressure for Dizziness

    Acupressure at the Gallbladder 20 or Governor 20 points can provide real relief for occasional dizziness, though chronic dizziness may require a doctor's care. Get the facts from a Doctor… Read More

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