Eye Problems


Your eyes can suffer from many unpleasant health issues, from shingles and pink eye to eye pressure and glaucoma. Relieve your eye problems with help from an ophthalmologist in this free video series on eye problems.

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  • How to Treat Shingles of the Eye

    If shingles spreads to your eye, you need to be seen promptly by an ophthalmologist. Avoid the complications of shingles of the eye with help from an ophthalmologist in this… Read More

  • Pink Eye Home Remedy

    Home remedies for pink eye include artificial tears and cool compresses. Determine whether you need to see an ophthalmologist for your pink eye with help from an ophthalmologist in this… Read More

  • How to Relieve Dry Itchy Eyes

    To relieve dry, itchy eyes, use hot compresses over your eyelids once or twice a day for five minutes. Scrub your eyelids with baby shampoo and warm water to relieve… Read More

  • How to Use Glaucoma Eye Drops

    To use glaucoma eye drops, hold the bottle between your thumb and index finger, pulling down on your lower eye lid with your third finger. Get one glaucoma drop in… Read More

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