Ear Care & Treatments


Treating and taking care of ears properly can help someone avoid infections and pain. Fix ear pressure and more with guidance from a practicing pediatrician in this free video series on ear care.

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  • Unblocking Blocked Ears

    To unblock your ears if they are blocked, it helps to know about the anatomy of the ear. Safely unblock your ears with guidance from a practicing pediatrician in this… Read More

  • Unexpected Draining From the Ear

    If you are experience unexpected draining from the ear, it very well could be caused from an infection. Learn about what might be causing your ear drainage with help from… Read More

  • How to Drain an Ear Infection

    Draining an ear infection is something that only a pediatrician should attempt, because it requires numbing first. Safely have your ear infection drained with advice from a practicing pediatrician in… Read More

  • How to Drain Cauliflower Ear

    Cauliflower ear is caused by severe bruising of the cartilage in the ear and sometimes can cause permanent damage. Have your cauliflower ear looked at by a specialist with the… Read More

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