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  • How to Divide Amaryllis Bulbs

    After amaryllis bulbs multiply, it's important to avoid dividing the mother plants from the baby plants until the baby plants are as big as the mothers. Learn about twisting as… Read More

  • How to Store Iris Bulbs

    Iris bulbs need to stay dry when they are stored, so it's important to add moist soil to the bulbs if they are too most in storage. Learn about keeping… Read More

  • How to Grow Iris Bulbs

    In order to grow iris bulbs, plant them so that the root is covered, but make sure that the stem remains above ground. Provide iris bulbs with plenty of sun… Read More

  • How to Store Amaryllis Bulbs

    Amaryllis bulbs are best stored by placing them in a paper bag with some soil before planting them again in the spring. Find out how to store the Christmas-type of… Read More

  • How to Plant Bulbs in Water

    When growing bulbs in water, the first rule of thumb is to make sure that the root is in water, but that the bulb is kept dry. Discover how a… Read More

  • How to Grow Amaryllis Offset Bulbs

    Amaryllis offset bulbs come from a mother plant, and they are best grown by planting them in triangles six inches apart. Learn about the social nature of plants and how… Read More

  • How to Thin Iris Bulbs

    Irises can get invasive and crowded, and thinning them out is best achieved by working from the outside in. Find out why iris bulbs should be soaked with water before… Read More

  • How to Divide Iris Bulbs

    Irises multiply quickly, and they are best divided with a pitchfork or shovel after cutting the greens. Discover how to work from the outside in when dividing bulbs with help… Read More

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