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Having a healthy liver is very important for people especially as they age. Find out how alcohol and viral infections can elevate liver levels and more with information from a doctor in this free video series on liver health.

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  • Causes for Elevated Liver Levels

    Elevated liver levels are most commonly found in a simple blood test, but they are usually a result of taking medication like Tylenol or Advil. Find out how alcohol and… Read More

  • How Does the Liver Function?

    The liver is a complicated organ that functions by filtering all of the blood in the body on a continual basis. Discover how the liver synthesizes several vitamins and processes… Read More

  • What Causes Elevated Liver Enzymes?

    Elevated liver enzymes are often a result of taking Tylenol or acetaminophen, but alcohol is another common cause of elevated enzyme levels. Discover how viral infections, such as hepatitis A,B,… Read More

  • What Can a Liver Ultrasound Show?

    A liver ultrasound is designed to describe the architecture of the liver in order to detect the presence of cysts or infections. Discover how scar tissue can be found in… Read More

  • Symptoms of Hepatic Dysfunction

    Common symptoms of hepatic dysfunction include elevated liver enzymes and trouble with blood clotting. Discover how the most common symptom of hepatic dysfunction is no symptom at all with information… Read More

  • Fatty Liver Symptoms

    The most common symptom of a fatty liver is a lack of symptoms, because problems with a fatty liver are most often found in blood tests. Find out why an… Read More

  • How to Improve Liver Function

    Improving liver function is based on removing offending agents or irritants from the liver, such as acetaminophen or alcohol. Find out why a change in diet can help to improve… Read More

  • How to Eat for a Healthy Liver

    A diet that promotes a healthy liver includes a good variety of fruits and vegetables, not too much iron and very little alcohol and medications. Learn about achieving a good… Read More

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