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  • What Is Environmental Engineering?

    Environmental engineering is concerned with the quality of land, air and water, and engineers primarily investigate contaminants for each one of these items. Find out how environmental engineers research those… Read More

  • Plastic Bottle Recycling

    It's important to recycle plastic bottles because plastic will last forever in a landfill, and plastic bottles are easily recycled. Discover how most plastic bottles used to drink soda or… Read More

  • Environmental Effects of Plastic Bags

    Plastic bags create a number of environmental problems, as they are often mistaken for food, and many birds and turtles are affected by this. Discover the significance of keeping plastic… Read More

  • Aluminum Recycling Facts

    In today's market, an aluminum can is worth about one penny, and about 50 percent of all the aluminum cans that are processed are recycled. Discover why aluminum can be… Read More

  • Recycling Facts

    If 300,000 people would stop junk mail coming to their home, they could save half a million trees. Learn about the importance of keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill… Read More

  • How & Where Is Glass Recycled?

    After being taken to a storage location, recycled glass is taken to a glass re-manufacturing facility, where it is crushed and sorted by color. Discover how recycled glass is melted… Read More

  • How to Recycle Plastic

    Plastic is recycled by being sorted into numbers, baled up and re-manufactured into the bottles that were recycled. Discover the importance of being proactive with recycling plastic with help from… Read More

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