Yoga Therapy for a Bulging Disc

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Yoga therapy is a great way to relieve the intense pain associated with a bulging disc. Get yoga therapy for a bulging disc with help from a certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kino MacGregor. We're here at Miami Life Center. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Yoga therapy for bulging discs. One of the most healing exercises and movements that you can do in the Yoga practice to heal any abnormalities in the spine, or any pain in your back, is actually to strengthen the back through extensions of the spine. Whenever you have a condition like a bulging disc, you really wouldn't want to push the spine for too much increase flexibility. But instead focus on nice and gentle therapeutic movements that would give you increased health throughout all of the vertebrae, all of the discs and the spaciousness within the spine. Patrick's going to be my model today. And say we're going to be doing a simple bridge posture, a modification of urdhva dhanurasana that almost anyone can perform. Start off lying on the back with bent knees. So you want to bend the knees, taking the feet a little bit wider than hips width apart. Because this is your first time trying. But keep conscious of keeping the feet in a parallel position, not turning them out and not turning them in so that they're perfectly aligned with the same parallel position with the hips inside of the pelvis. Then, taking your hands on the floor, we will want to start off by thrusting into the feet, and then inhaling, lifting the pelvis higher. So now we're using the strength of the quadriceps and the strength of the back muscles to really strengthen the entire backside of the body. If this is comfortable to you, you can roll on to the shoulder and bring the hands, clasping together underneath the pelvis to increase the length in the back. While you're performing this motion, do not try to go too deep. But instead, feel the spine elongating, feel spaciousness within the spine and within the back. And be very conscious to engage the back muscles in a safe and supportive way to create length in the spine, rather than pulling discs together. This gentle extension of the spine will give you healing movement inside of the vertebrae, bringing blood and circulation deep within the tissues of the body, creating strength and stability and alignment throughout your entire body. You want to be careful to keep the low belly sucked in, breathing into the lungs so you can feel your full lung capacity while keeping the low belly drawn in. After five breathes you would exhale, returning down to the floor, releasing your hand. You could perform this motion three times at the end of your practice, everyday to get the benefit. I'm Kino MacGregor, and you've been watching Yoga therapy for bulging discs.


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