How to Replace a Garage Door Sensor

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The sensor on a garage door keeps the door from closing while obstructions are in the way. Replace a garage door sensor with help from a garage door specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jake with Specialized Garage Doors, and we're going to show you how to replace your garage door safety sensors. So, if you need to replace your safety sensors down at the bottom of the garage door, go ahead and get your new sensors out. I like to trim the wire lead coming out of it to about a foot and a half, two feet. Then, step one would be, go ahead and take a screwdriver, or a bar, or anything similar, and pigtail the wire. What that's doing is that gives you some excess play in case it gets snagged by anything and it won't break the wire. And go ahead and separate these two so you can make a connection with them. Go ahead and do that to both of your sensors and then we can go ahead and get them installed down at the door. Go ahead and start by giving yourself a nice amount of wire to work with before you cut it, to make your splice end, replace your sensors, and just go ahead and split your wire, and separate the two so you can make a connection. Go ahead and undo the old safety eye that's damaged, and pop in the new safety sensor. Try and adjust this so that it's parallel with the door. Then to make your connections, you want to do your black to the black, and the white to the white. I like to use a silicone filled, crimp-on connection, that way water won't get in there and corrode and break your connection. So, go ahead and put both of your wires in there and crimp it on down. If you don't have the crimp-on connectors, you can just twist the wires together, and seal them together with some electrical tape. I don't recommend that because you're going to, at some point, get corrosion on there, and have to come back and redo the connection. Go ahead and put your wires back out of the way of anything getting caught on them, and that wraps up getting your safety sensors replaced. One thing to keep in mind while you're changing your sensor, if you just change one sensor out, that you want to replace the sending with a sending sensor. Don't put a receiving sensor in place of the sending one, otherwise your system is not going to work. You have to put a sending and a receiving in the system. Again, that was Jake with Specialized Garage Doors, and we've just shown you how to replace your garage door safety sensors.


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