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Host Evette Rios helps you keep your summer table in order with a centralized station that keeps condiments within reach. She also shows you a better way to keep your drinks on ice.

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Hi, I'm Evette Rios here on, and I've got a couple of solutions for you guys if you're entertaining this Summer. Here's a really simple one, a good way to make sure that your Sangria, or whatever drink you're serving, doesn't get too watered down. Instead of putting ice in an ice bucket, I put it inside of a colander, like this, and set this on top of a bowl and that way your ice stays nice and dry because the water goes inside the bowl. And then, for your cocktail napkins right next to your drinks, you know, sometimes you go to these, like, really fancy restaurants or fancy events, and they have the cocktail napkins, like, unfurled so beautifully. It's so easy to do. It took me forever to figure this out, but this is how you do it. Just get a stack of cocktail napkins like this, and you're just going to hold on to the bottom one, and then you just kind of twist your arm like that in a circle, and you can see that they kind of start unfurling themselves, and then you get rid of the top one, and your bottom napkins are all nice and furled out, super easy. And when you're entertaining a lot of people outside, you want to make sure that there's one central place for them to come for all their condiments and their silverware, grab a six pack. All you need is the container for a six pack of beer, put your ketchup in there, your mustard, salt and pepper, forks, knives, spoons, napkins all inside the six pack. You can just grab this and bring it right to the table, and then use things, you know, use what you have. I've got this great vintage milk bottle here. You can use this to make an arrangement with. Instead of going out and buying a vase, just use what you've got. I'm Evette Rios. Thanks for watching, and keep checking me out on

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