How to Do Circuit Training in Boxing

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Circuit training allows you to improve your fast, explosive boxing movements. Do circuit training in boxing with help from a boxing instructor in this video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up guys? We're here in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sugar House. This is Boxing is for Girls, Eliza James, owner operator. We're going to show you how to do a circuit training for boxing for real, fast explosive movements. We're talking about ballistic, missile, the firing the missile is your body so that's what we're talking about, 30 seconds on, 6 different stations as fast as you can. You've got 5 rounds. You count each repetition in each one. It goes like this, we've got push-ups on the ball, medicine ball, really quick. We're going to show you, here goes, push and over and up and over and quick ballistic, firing the missile that's your body, stop, good. Speed skaters right here, up and down, up and down and she's going to take it back up, take it back up, stand up straight, good and back down, hit it and down looking good. Taking it from there. We've got the dummy pull, let's go, pull the dummy, saving lives in here, saving lives, take the top and run it back over, let's go, quick, quick, quick, quick, take the top, run it back over. Let's go, quick, quick, quick, keep going, keep going, keep going and we've got box jumps, box jumps right here. Looks like this, up and down, up and down, good. There you go standing up straight, opening and closing the hips right here, to Bulgarian Split Squats, stand up straight, stand up straight, good, go down in a one squat, one legged squat and now jump, good and try and stay in your nice balance, good see, 15 seconds on that side, 15 seconds on the other side. I'll show you what the last station looks like. We're here, get into position, nice tight core, squat position and then get after it with the battling ropes. Let physics do its thing. Boxing is for Girls, Salt Lake City, Utah, Eliza James, get to work guys, get to work, let's go, let's go, circuit training, ballistic training, firing the missile at your body, fast, fast, fast all out, 30 seconds, 6 different stations, 5 rounds, total number that's your score. That's how we do it.


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