How to Prevent Linen Clothing from Wrinkling


Linen clothing can be protected from the effects of wrinkling in a few very specific ways. Prevent your linen clothing from wrinkling with help from a professional in the marketing and design industry in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Well, hey now! Once more and again, it's your girl, P.W., giving you the knowhow on the fashion how-to. And, to continue on our series of maintenance and care, I'm going to now show you, how do you prevent linen clothes from wrinkling? I know I kind of touched on it in the last one, but let me give you a little more detail, and come into the P.W. world. So, come on. Okay, so as I touched on before, linen is, it's a natural fiber, and it's going to wrinkle because of that, okay? So, the first thing you can do when you're storing it, the best thing to do is to iron it immediately after you take it out the dryer. But, the second thing that you can do if you just want to store it, like I said before, you want to take tissue paper, put it right in the middle of where you're going to fold. Fold it, fold it again. Take another piece. I'm just going to go a little more in depth with it. You take that other piece, put it in the middle, and fold again. And, the thing with the tissue paper, when you're just putting, and make sure that you put your linen on top of the items. If you have a lot of stacked clothes, and they're all folded, you want to put the linen piece on top, because the more pressure you put onto the fabrication, the more the wrinkles will have room to grow and increase, okay? So, this is one way. I told you guys how to use your Downy wrinkle release. Or, if you don't have it, you just mix your fabric softener and your water, that's a little concoction that will always work for you. Your option is to hang it. And then, my last option to, you know, to handle your linen, is to take another fabrication, it could be whatever. A knit is kind of better I feel, and you're going to put it inside of that shirt. You see what we're doing? I know I used white on white, but it doesn't make a difference, okay? And, you're going to fold it with that as well. Now, what this is doing, you see, it's just, it's already giving us a nice fold line, but not a flattened fold line. We want to do our other side, and bring that sleeve in. And, you see how it's already kind of giving us, like, resistance? It's something under here. And then, we fold one more time. And, the thing is, it's really taking - the pressure is being put on the shirt underneath, and not your shirt on top. If you, you know, like I said, if you really, really want to care for it, take it to the cleaner's, keep it in the plastic, and use your best friend. But, you're always going to have to iron linen. It's your girl, P.W., signing off.


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