Tournament Rules of Table Tennis

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The rules for a table tennis tournament differ from amateur games. Brush up on your table tennis rules in this free video presented by a ping pong expert.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Elie from Gilbert Table Tennis Center, and today we are going to talk about tournament rules of table tennis. So, tournament rules they are more strict than the regular rules when you play in your basement or in the garage. So, the rule number one is the service. So, service has to be done in the proper way. The palm has to be open. You have to toss the ball, okay, you have to hit the ball on the way down right here. So, making sure that your service is legal. Then rule number two, you have to play with the sanctioned racket, so your racket has to be approved by International Table Tennis Federation, and the indication of that would be the sign on your racket, on each side. Then the, obviously, if your racket is legal, you will have the red and black side, different colored side. Then, the next rule would be that within the point when you play, you cannot touch the table or lean on the table touching the table like this, okay? You cannot really talk while you are playing the point. So, you have to be silent, and then another rule is you can't really wear a hat in the legal way, and the game has to go until 11 points. So, whoever scores 11 points first is going to be the winner unless it is 10-10, and then it's deuce, then you have to stay apart by two points, 12-10, 13-11, 14-12 and so on. And on deuce, you have to switch the service every single point. In the regular game, when we just start playing the game, 0-0 everybody keeps serving twice, 2-0 we switch the service, 2-2 we switch the service again, and on deuce we're switching every single point. So, the game goes best of seven by International rules, so you have to score four games first, 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, or you can play if it's not like a big, very big tournament, you can play best of five, that's very common as well. In that case, you have to reach and win three games first, 3-0, 3-1 and 3-2. And in single matches, if it's one person playing against another one, you can serve from anywhere on the table. I can serve from this side, then I can serve from this side, and I can serve anywhere so it doesn't matter. So, don't pay attention to this white line in single matches, it's only done for the doubles. So, serving anywhere, it's wide open. So, those are the basic tournament rules in table tennis, and I'm Elie from Gilbert Table Tennis Center, and today we've talked about tournament rules in table tennis. Good luck playing.


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