Parts of a Table Tennis Racket

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A table tennis racket has several parts, making it a complex piece of sporting equipment. Examine the table tennis racket up close in this free video presented by a ping pong expert.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Elie from Gilbert Table Tennis Center, and today I'm going to tell you information about parts of table tennis racket. Table tennis racket consists of the blade, like this. And, the blades can have different handles. So, both handles are fine, and they're absolutely legal. It's just a matter of preference which one you like. It's either straight, or flared. There is a third type, but we don't have a sample of it right now. So, blade is number one. Then, I also take two rubber sheets, looks like this. They come in square packages. And then, we usually assemble it ourselves. So, when I take it out, it comes and looks square, like this. So, that's with the one rubber sheet. So then, this one, I would put the glue, it's a special glue for ping pong, for table tennis, looks like this. So, you can use the sponge to put it on. Or, this is the smaller kit of this, comes with sponges. So, we put the glue on this side, and put the glue on the rubber sheet as well. And then, when they both dry a little bit, we put it together, assemble, like this. And then, just cut it with a scissors. So, that would be one side. And then, the same thing should be done for the other one, for the red one, red side. So, each racket, when it is ready and assembled, it will look like this. So, it has to have a red side, and it has to have black side. Black side, it can be black or green, or, you know, any other color. But, these are two by far, the most popular colors. And, they actually international approved for professional tournaments. So, black and red. Also, I like to use this side tape, but it's just voluntarily, it's a matter of preference if you like. So, I just usually put the side tape right here. And, it comes in a roll. It's either just for one racket, like this, or it can come in something, larger volume. And then, you just peel it out, and put it on the side of the racket. And, I'm Elie from Gilbert Table Tennis Center. And today, I told you about parts of the table tennis racket. Good luck playing.


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