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The rules of table tennis dictate the players, equipment and how the ball can behave. Master the basics of table tennis with this free video presented by a ping pong expert.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Elie from Gilbert Table Tennis Center, and today I'm going to tell you about easy rules for table tennis. To start playing table tennis, you will need a partner, you will need two rackets, one racket for every person, and a table tennis ball, table tennis table with the net. And, then you can proceed and start playing. So, the rules would go, each person serves two services. So, I would serve first service, like this. And, when I serve, the ball has to hit my side first, and then the partner's side. So, I serve two. After that, I'm going to receive two. After that, we keep going with the score until a person reaches 11 points. So, whoever reaches 11 points first is the winner of the game, unless the score is 10-10. So, when the score is 10-10, we have to switch the service every single point. So, let's say 10-10, I serve, 11-10, then I give the service away. And, on deuce, we have to stay two points apart. So, it has to be either 12-10, or 13-11, or 14-12, and so on. So, it cannot only be 11-10. So, by international standards, the game has to be, the match has to consist of seven games, not seven, but best of seven. Let's say the person has to win either four-zero, four-one, four-two, or four-three. To be more simple, you can play best of five, that's very common, too. In that case, you have to win first three games, three-zero, three-one, or three-two. And, one more thing to mention, in single matches, if it's me and just somebody else, a person, you can serve anywhere on table. So, don't look at this white line in the middle. So, you can serve anywhere on a table, so that's fine. And, I'm Elie from Gilbert Table Tennis Center. And today, I told you about easy rules for table tennis. Thank you.


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