Stretch Band Exercises for Hamstrings

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Your hamstrings can be exercised using stretch bands to add muscle. Increase your hamstring strength using this resistance band workout in a free video presented by a personal trainer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and we're going to show you some resistance band exercises for your hamstrings. I have Renee here to help me demonstrate the exercises. First exercise Renee is going to do for the hamstrings, we're going to hook this band on her foot, and now, she's going to step on the band with her other foot. She is doing a resistance band curl, hamstring curl using resistance. Perfect, bringing her heel up to her glute. She's also challenging her balance here. Perfect. Excellent, working her hamstring and her glute. Another exercise you can do for the hamstrings using the resistance band, we're going to come down to the floor. So, Renee's going to come down, and she's going to lay on her back. She's going to grab the band with her hands. Now, depending on your fitness level, you can start out holding the handles, and then as you want to add some resistance, you can definitely choke up or turn the band. She's just going to lift her leg all the way up, and lower it. This is an excellent exercise for the hamstring. Perfect, good stretch, excellent. Now, if she needs to make this harder, she can grip the band, or twist it like she's doing, perfect. And, that makes it more challenging for her. Excellent. And, you want to do both sides on both exercises. Good job. This has been Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, showing you a couple of exercises for the hamstring using the resistance bands.


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