Resistance Band Workouts for Beginners

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Beginner workouts with resistance bands can be challenging and comfortable. Begin your fitness routine using this resistance band workout in a free video presented by a personal trainer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and I'm here to show you some fitness exercises using a resistance band for beginners. I have Renee here to help me demonstrate some of the exercises. She's got her hands placed about halfway through the band. This first exercise she's going to perform for beginners. She's going to pull her arms in, and she's going to squeeze so the band is going to come against her chest. She's going to squeeze her shoulder blades, excellent. So, my hand is in between her shoulder blades, her shoulder blades are really working. She's squeezing her shoulder blades, excellent exercise for the upper back. Now, this one is great for your posture. So, if you want to stand up straight, this is an excellent beginner exercise. Her second exercise is going to work the lat muscle. So, that's that muscle in the back, another back exercise. She is holding the band in the center. She's going to pull that band down so it touches her chest. Now, her arms are extended, perfect and back up, halfway down and back up, excellent, band comes down to her chest. This, again, is working her lats. So, she's worked the top of her back and her lower back, perfect. Alright let's do an exercise for the chest. She's going to take the band, and she's going to wrap it around her back. This band is a little long, and Renee is a little advanced so she's going to choke up on the band and not hold it on the handle. She's just going to hold it in the center. She's going to do a chest fly. So, she's going to take that band and she's going to bring her hands together over her chest, perfect, perfect. Now she's working her chest, which is the opposing muscle group to the back. So, she's worked her front and her back, excellent. One more exercise we're going to demonstrate for you for beginners, she is going to stand on the band, her legs are a little over shoulder-width apart, and she's just going to perform a bicep curl. So, she's just going to come straight up with those arms, excellent, she's working her arms on this one, her biceps, terrific. So, she's going to have strong arms. So, one more, because we want to work all the muscle groups, opposing muscle groups. She's going to go ahead and take the band in one hand behind, and then she's going to hold the band with her other hand behind the back. She's just going to push her arm up over her head, and this one is working her tricep, so this one is working the back of her arm. So, she's worked the front of her arm, the back of her arm, her chest and her back. These are all excellent exercises for a beginner. Anybody can do these with a resistance band. This is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness. We're showing you some exercises with the resistance bands for beginners.


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