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Stacking is performing exercises that work several muscle groups at the same time. Stack your exercise routine using this resistance band workout in a free video presented by a personal trainer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and we're going to show you some fitness exercises with a resistance band that are stacking. I have Renee here helping me demonstrate some of these exercises. Now, stacking is doing exercises that work multiple muscles in the body at the same time. The first stacking exercise that Renee is going to perform, she's going to stand on her resistance band. Now again, the farther apart your legs are, the harder this exercise is going to be. She's going to start with her hands up on her shoulders, legs are about shoulder, a little over shoulder-width apart, excellent. So, she's going to come down in a squat. She's going to push her butt all the way back, knees don't come over the toes, she's going to stand straight up and she's going to push overhead. Now, this is a stacking exercise because she is working her lower body and her upper body. When she's doing this squat, pushing her butt back, knees don't come over the toes when she's working this squat, she's working her quads, her hamstrings, her gluts, her whole lower body. In her upward position, she's pushing those bands up and she is working her arms. She's working those shoulders. So she's doing her squat into an overhead press, excellent. A second exercise that she could do, actually go ahead and keep those in, we're going to reposition our feet onto the band. She is going to take her feet a little over shoulder width apart this time. Her toes are going to face out. She's going to keep her arms to her side, she's going to come down in a plea squat. Now again, she's in the lower body position then she's going to come up and do a bicep curl, perfect. Now, she's working, again, her quads and her hamstrings and her gluts with this exercise. She's also putting a lot of focus on that inside thigh. When she comes up, she's working her upper body. She's doing a nice bicep curl. So, she's really strengthening that muscle in the upper body, upper arm. That's absolutely perfect, stacking exercise, plea squats with a bicep curl. This has been Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, showing you some exercises using a resistance band, stacking.


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