Resistance Band Exercises for Love Handles

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Love handles are located along the sides of your stomach and can be difficult to target. Tackle your love handles using this resistance band workout in a free video presented by a personal trainer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and we're going to show you some exercises using the resistance band for your love handles, that stomach area. Renee is here to help me demonstrate some of the exercises. The first exercise we're going to do for the love handles, that ab area, is a wood chop. So, we're going to take our resistance band and we're going to secure it to a low spot. You can do these exercises anywhere, inside, outside, secure it to a chair, a bed, something stable. You can do it outside at the park, secure it to a tree or a park bench, anywhere will do. So I have both handles up and I'm going to hand them to Renee. She's going to stand right here, take both handles in your hand. She's going to take her legs about shoulder width apart. She's going to hold both of the handles in her hand. She's going to come down in a slight squat, bands are to your side and you're going to twist and bring the bands up and over to your other side, perfect, wood chop, excellent, perfect. She's using her abs. She's holding her abs right. She's twisting. She's using her obliques, excellent, and she's getting rid of those love handles, perfect. You want to get started with about eight to ten reps, about three or four sets of these and build to it. As you get more advanced you can do more reps, you can even add some weights, hold a dumbbell in your hand too to even add to that. So the second exercise she is going to place the handles on her feet, perfect, lay all the way back, legs are up in the air. Now her legs are going to go straight up in the air. Depending on your current fitness level, you're going to choke up on this band because you want to get that resistance there. So she's pretty advanced. She's going to choke up on that band probably right about there and she's going to do some flutter kicks. So she's going to lower her right leg, flutter and left, perfect, excellent. You've got this, perfect. Now if she wants to make it harder she's just going to choke up on the band. If she needs to make it a little easier, she's going to come down a little further, excellent. Another exercise she can do for her love handles, she's choked up on that band, legs are up in the air and she's going to do a reverse crunch. She's just going to lift her legs off the ground, just a small movement, that's absolutely perfect. She's just adding a little resistance with those bands, perfect. This is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness showing you some exercises to get rid of those love handles using a resistance band.


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