Yoga Poses for Fertility

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Yoga poses like the cat and cow stimulate fertility. Increase your fertility using yoga techniques presented by a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Jeff at Light in Shining Armor Studio, Tampa Bay's Yoga Instructor of the Year, 2010, and today we're going to show you some poses for yoga for fertility. There's two very simple, but very effective poses. So, the poses that we're going to do are cat and cow. We're going to start by coming up into table position. Your hands are under the shoulders. The fingers are spread nice and wide. Push the knuckles into the mat, the back is as straight as possible. The knees are under the hips. The first position you're going to inhale and look up, releasing the lower back. This is actually the cow position. As you exhale you look under, you pull the belly button to the spine, you arch the back. The reason this is called cat, just imagine this is a Halloween cat, inhale, look up, release the lower back, exhale, look under, arch the back, bring the belly button to the spine. We're going to come back to a neutral position or back to table for a moment. Remember to protect your wrists, always push into the mat with your entire hand. So, you want to do the positions we just demonstrated two, maybe three times each really focusing on the breath and each time you do it you'll notice how the back relaxes and opens up a little bit. So always focus on the breath. I'm Jeff at Light in Shining Armor Studio, and that was cat and cow yoga poses for fertility. Thank you.


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