Yoga for Bronchial Asthma

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The fish pose helps ease the symptoms of bronchial asthma. Learn how to ease your asthma symptoms using yoga techniques presented by a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jeff at Light In Shining Armor Studios; Tampa Bay's Yoga Instructor of the year 2010. And today, we're going to talk about Yoga for bronchial asthma. One of the best poses there is for asthma, bronchial or otherwise is the Fish Pose. So, we start out in Savasana, in the Corpse Pose; everything is relaxed, you're focusing on the breath. To come into the posture, you're going to roll to one side of the body, placing the arm under the body. You roll onto that arm and place the sacrum under the body. The palms are flat, the thumbs and the forefingers are touching slightly. To come up, you're going to inhale, bring the head and shoulders up slightly. Exhale, you're going to bring the crown or the top of the head to the mat. It's just touching the mat. You're not resting on the head. You're resting on the elbows. Make sure that you protect your neck. You can see just in this position how her lungs are open up which will help alleviate bronchial asthma. The throat is open up, the breath is slow and steady. The legs are relaxed. You want to make sure to pay attention to the body. If the wrists or the hands begin to tingle or bother you, press into the elbows. And if you have to come out of the position, always give yourself permission to come out of the position. To come out of the position, you're going to inhale, bring the head and shoulders up slightly; as you exhale, you bring the body to the mat and then you're going to release the arms. One thing I always like to do since we stretch the front of the neck, we want to give the back of the neck a counter stretch. Bring your hands behind your head, lift the weight of your head in your hands; you're not wrenching on the neck. You're looking at your feet. Gently look to the right, come center, look to the left, come center, exhale and release. After each pose, always notice what's going on in the body; no tension, no pain, no discomfort. I'm Jeff at Light In Shining Armor Studio, and that was a demonstration of the Fish Pose which helps alleviate the symptoms of bronchial asthma. Thank you.


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