Yoga Diet for Weight Loss

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Yoga asanas, or poses, that stimulate the metabolism help with weight loss. Slim down using yoga techniques presented by a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Jeff, at Light In Shining Armor Studios, and I'm going to talk to you today about Yoga for diet and weight loss. The Yoga diet is normally a vegetarian diet and as a lot of us know, we want to take in less than we put out. So, we want to burn calories, we want to stimulate the, the metabolism and there are several Yoga poses or asanas for that purpose. And today, we're going to demonstrate one which is the Sun Salutation. Okay. So, to begin the Sun Salutation, you want to stand at the top of your mat, feet are together, shoulders are relaxed, hands are at the sides and you're just using the Yoga breath; very slow deep breathing in and out through the nose. To start the Sun Salutation, you're going to inhale, exhale prayer position. So, you bring the hands over the head and as you exhale, you bring your hands through your chest and you want to press the thumbs into the heart, chakra center. You're going to inhale the arms up over the head, bending back and as you exhale, you're going to come forward into a forward bend. Relax the shoulders, relax the back, relax the neck. You're going to inhale, bring your hands to the mat and bring your right foot back. So, the top of the foot and the top of the calf are on the mat, so we get a nice stretch through the hip. Curl the toe under, retain the breath as you bring your left foot back. So now, we're in like in a push up position, what this is actually called Plank. The hands are under the shoulders, the fingers are spread nice and wide. We're going to exhale the body down, trying not to come to the mat. Then, you're going to inhale into Upward Facing Dog. In Upward Facing Dog the only things on the mat are the top of your feet and your hands. You're going to curl your toes under, exhaling into the Downward Facing Dog, pushing through the hands, protecting the wrists, you want to push the knuckles into the mat and the backs of the feet or your heels are on the mat. You're going to inhale, bring your right foot forward to meet your hand, making sure that the knee is over your ankle to protect the joint. Exhale your left foot forward, so now we're back into forward bend. You're going to inhale arms up over the head, full deep inhalation fill the lungs, as you exhale, bring the hands down to the side. And that's the Sun Salutation. This raises the metabolism, burn calories and give you an overall great workout. So, that's one, that's the demonstration of one sal, Sun Salutation; always remember what you do on one side of the body, we do the right side, always do the left side so you get evenly stretch on both sides of the body. I'm Jeff at Light In Shining Armor Studios, thank you, and have a great day.


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