How to Stop Ringing Inside of the Ear With Yoga

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Tinnitus, or inner ear ringing, can be helped through yoga poses. Decrease the ringing inside your ear using yoga techniques presented by a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Jeff at Light In Shining Armor Studio, Tampa Bay's Yoga Instructor of the Year, Best of the Bay 2010. And today, we're going to talk about how to stop ringing in the ears with Yoga. Mainly a pose that you may not first think about to stop ringing in the ears, we're going to do Plow. It's actually an advanced posture, but I'm going to give you a modification in case you're not able to come up into it automatically or on your first try. So, we're going to come up in the shoulder stand first which is the posture we do before Plow, and you want to actually hold the shoulder stand for a few minutes, but for time constraints, we're not going to do that today. As you come into Plow gently, first you're going to take a nice full deep breath in and as you exhale, gently bring the legs down to the mat; full deep exhalation, don't let the, the legs flop. You want the back to open up. This is actually opening up the throat which will help open up the ear canal which can help alleviate ringing in the ear. There are a ton of different positions, a different modifications on Plow; but this is actually the position that is going to help you more. Listen to your body, listen to the back, the neck, take care of yourself. If you need to come out of the position, you come out of the position. So, in order to come out of the position, you're going to take a breath in and as you inhale, bring the legs back up, inhaling the entire time. Bend the knees, bring the feet to the buttocks just like you're coming out of shoulder stand. Bring the hands to the mat and then gently, on a full deep exhalation, release the body to the mat, trying not to hold up the neck, shoulders or the head and relax in the Corpse pose. So, that was the full, that was the Full Plow position. What I'm going to do now is we're going to show you a modification. Always modify. Just because you can't get your feet to the floor doesn't mean you can't use a prop in order to get the benefit of Plow. We're going to bring in a bench. You don't have to have a bench. You can use a chair, you can use blocks, you can use a couch even if that's all you have at your house. So, the modification is this. Again, we start by coming up into shoulder stand and as you exhale into Plow, just bring the feet to whatever prop that you're using. Curl the toes gently towards the head, stretches the hamstrings; you're still getting the full benefit of opening up the throat and opening up the ear canals. Coming out of the position is exactly the same; remember to breath. Inhale, bring the legs up; exhale bring the feet to the, the buttocks; you're going to bring your hands to the mat. You'll probably have to take another breath at this point and when you exhale, gently lower the body to the mat on a full deep exhalation. I'm Jeff at Light In Shining Studio, Tampa Bay's Yoga Instructor of the year 2010, Best of the Bay, and that was one Yoga pose to help alleviate ringing in the ear through Yoga.


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