How to Change a BMX Bicycle Chain

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A bike chain on a BMX bike needs to be changed periodically. Change your BMX bike chain using this free video presented by a BMX expert.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is John from Competitive Edge Cyclery in Upland, California, and I'm going to be showing you how to change a chain on a BMX bike. You're going to take your chain braker, and what that does is it pushes the pin out of the chain. You can pick these up at any bike shop. This happens to be a part tool, and what you're going to do is you're going to set it up on the chain and what that does is it pushes the link out, and I'll show you up close in just a second. Once you get the chain pushed all the way through, you're going to feel the tension get tighter on the other side as you push the link through, and then you're going to pop it off. I didn't get that quite far enough out, so we'll go back in and push it out some more. It takes a little getting used to doing it, so you don't push the pin all the way through both sides of the chain because then that's going to make it harder for me to put it back on. It won't matter if you're putting a new chain on, but you're going to push that to where it just gets to the end and then pop it apart. You're going to take the chain off, and you're going to lay it out on the ground so that you have both chains side by side because you're going to want to make sure that the links are the exact number or else it won't fit on your bike properly. So, we know this chain is the right length. Once you've established the right length of your new chain, you're going to put it back on just like it was before. Okay, and then now I'm going to connect the chain so that it's ready to go back on and the way I do that is to put the chain back on and then it will snap in place like that and then tighten in place. And then what you're going to want to do is turn that until you see that the pin is pushed back into the same depth that it was before. Once that's back into place, you're going to want to check and make sure that you don't have a stiff link. Now, this link is stiff right now. It's really hard to turn back and forth and that's no good on your back. So, what you want to do is with your thumbs, put them both on the stiff link and just ease it back and forth and just like that it makes it loose and free to move. Then just reinstall the chain like you did before and then tighten the axle nuts back up. This chain does happen to have a master link on it and I'm going to show you how that comes off as well. Okay, you're going to take a screwdriver and you're going to take that clip off just like that. That clip right there comes out, don't want to lose that, then there's a plate that goes on over it. So, this plate goes between the two pins and then snaps on like that. This is actually the master link right here. If the chain you bought does come with a master link, you're going to want to use that. It's much easier to take the chain on and off with a master link. Get the chain the right length, put the master link in, thread it through the bike just like we did before and then reattach and then you're going to put this clip on like that and then with the screwdriver or a pair of pliers you're going to push that back into place and it should lock right in there just like that and once you hear it snap in position, you're good to go. Put the chain back on, and then tighten it up making sure that it goes through the frame and back around your free wheel and on your sprocket, and that's how you change a chain on a BMX bike.


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