Art Therapy Activities for Adolescents

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Activities for adolescents using art therapy include collages, a familiar medium. Discover the benefits of art therapy for adolescents through this free video presented by a certified therapist.

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Video Transcript

I'm Deb Shoemaker ad I'm an Art Therapist with Integrated Therapy Associates, and now I would like to talk to you a little bit about using art therapy activities in working with adolescents. Adolescents are just drawn to collages and I think some of the reasons are that the media, the images and the magazines and I try to have magazines that are interest, of interest to adolescent, the adolescent interest. And, and they, they're just, they're used, they're used to using collages like they do and make collages for fun, for cards, for presents, for school. So, it's a medium that are familiar with. And then, and they like it. And then, the therapeutic aspect of collage is putting the pieces together, putting the pieces back together. It could be projective, often, usually I have pre-cut images that they have to sift through from the try-error box and I, and so, they're projecting even as they're filtering through all those images. They're brain is going through making some association to those images. So, it's important for the art therapist to be with the client while they're choosing their pictures to because you can learn a lot of information just from images that they don't choose or ones that you see him kind of laboring over and then, decide to discard. And it might be something you, an art therapist would go back and ask. I noticed that you pick this one out and you're holding it for awhile and you decided to put it back. And they may, you may learn something from that or give them an opportunity to talk about something that they were rejecting. And that, and often the things that we are rejecting are pretty significant. Remember to always consult with a professional art therapist for more information.


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