How to Gain Muscle for the Skinny Person

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For a slender person, trying to build muscle can be a challenge. Building lean, healthy muscle requires proper diet and exercise. In this video, a certified lifestyle fitness coach goes over what foods to eat, and what exercise methods work best for this body type.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and I'm here to show you some exercises on how to gain muscle for the skinny. So, if you're a skinny person and you have that struggle of being skinny and trying to build that lean, healthy muscle, the first thing you want to do is make sure you're eating the right diet. Build your muscle by increasing your protein, a lot of lean healthy meats; tuna, nuts, lots of lean healthy protein. You'll also kind of want to limit your cardio. So, you don't want to be out there, you know, running a marathon if you're trying to build muscle and you're skinny. You want to progressively overload on the weights. So, you want to start, if you're a beginner, out with a small amount of weight, and then, as you get better, you want to increase that weight. So, you want to consistently increase the weight, lower the reps, build your muscle. We're going to work on some lower body exercises; we're going to do some leg lifts. So, I've got two five-pound weights, and I've doubled them up for ten pounds. My legs are at 45 degrees. My hand is behind my head, and I'm going to take my weights and I'm going to rest them on my leg between my knee and my hip and I'm going to do some leg lifts. This is an excellent exercise to build muscle on the outside of my leg. So, we're working our lower body right now. So, we're doing some leg lifts; you want to do about eight reps and again, as you get better, you want to increase your weight. Fantastic. Okay. So now, we're going to work the inner thigh. I'm going to cross my top leg over my body and then, I'm going to take one of my weights, one or two, whatever you feel comfortable with and I'm going to rest it on that inside leg. And I'm going to lift that leg up and down. Now, this time I'm working my inside thigh. Excellent. Keep increasing that weight as it becomes easier for you. Okay. Another exercise is for the hamstrings and the gluts. I'm going to tuck one of my five-pound weight behind my knee. I'm going to lift my leg up in the air and I'm going to point my foot towards the sky. This one's working my, my glutes and my hamstrings. Again, I'm going to increase the weight as it becomes easier for me. Some multi muscle exercises, some exercises that incorporate the lower part of the body and the upper part of the body would be, for example a squat with an overhead press. So, I would do a squat, push my butt back, make sure my knees don't go over my toes, my hands are up on my shoulders. I'm going to do a squat working my lower body; I'm going to press my weights overhead, now I'm working my shoulders. If I take my weights together behind and press, bending at the elbows, now I'm working my triceps. So, I just worked my whole body, my lower body with the squats, upper body with the overhead press and tricep presses for the arms. This has been Christine with Hammer Time Fitness showing you some exercises to build healthy muscle for the skinny.


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