How to Gain Muscle While Being a Vegan

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If you are a vegan, getting the right nutrition and doing the correct exercises will go a long way toward muscle building. In this free video, a certified lifestyle fitness coach discusses some specific techniques and foods to add to a vegan's daily regimen.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and I'm here to show you how to gain muscle while being a vegan. Now, the first thing you have to do is worry about your diet. To gain healthy, lean muscle, you need to increase your protein. So, being a vegan, you definitely want to add some more tofu, some more seeds, and some more nuts into your diet. You also want to consistently increase the weights you're using. We're going to start by working on a lunge. This is a great exercise because it works a bunch of different muscles in the body all at once. So, you're going to start out, I'm starting out with five, start out wherever you can, threes, and you're going to increase your weight. So, we're going to start with the lunge. I prefer to take my lunges backwards because it keeps me in perfect alignment, but you do what you feel comfortable with. So, I'm going to step my right foot back, you're going to notice that my knee does not come over my toe. I've got the weights down by my side. So, I'm just going to do a few lunges, great exercises for the lower body. I'm working my quads, my hamstrings, my calves, my glutes, the whole lower body, and to build muscle I'm going to increase the weight. So, I'm going to do some reps, and then tomorrow I might be able to increase the weight, maybe in a week I might be able to increase the weight. However it works for you, you're trying to build those muscles and build the protein. Alright, another exercise that we can do is a reverse fly. I've got my foot up on a piece of equipment. You can use a bench, anything at your house, hands on either side of the leg, and I'm going to open up my arms and squeeze my shoulder blades. This one is working my back. So, I'm working all the muscles in my back, reverse fly, so now I want to work the opposing muscle group. I need to work my chest. I'm going to come down on the ground, and I'm going to do a chest press because now I'm going to work the opposing muscle groups. Again, I'm going to increase my weight as I get better. I'm going to go straight up and down, 90 degrees with my arms. This one is working my chest, my pecs and my arms, my triceps, terrific. So again, just to build lean muscle while being a vegan, you just need to progressively increase your weights, lift those weights, build those muscles, eat plenty of lean protein, increase your tofu, your beans and your nuts. This has been Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, showing you how to build lean healthy muscle while being a vegan.


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