Acupressure for Backs

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Acupressure points all over your body can help relieve pain and stress in your back. Find out about acupressure for backs with help from a doctor of oriental medicine in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Hilary Talbott, acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist. Today, we will be discussing acupressure for the back. Now, there are various different regions of the back that you could experience pain in, and depending on where the pain is would be indicative of why we would choose the points that we choose. So, let's just say that you're experiencing pain in the lower aspect of the back, about a hand-breadth above the hips on either side. And so this could be pain that radiates out to the side, or is located in the center of the spine. This point, bladder 40, is effective in treating that entire area, because it opens up the bladder meridian and has an empirical value of treating pain in this area. The bladder channel runs up the center of the leg on both legs, and this point is located right in the middle of the crease between the two tendons, behind the knee. And you can search around with your finger and you'll almost immediately notice where this point is, because it's usually quite tender. It doesn't take a lot of pressure to open up this point. Now, let's say that the pain was radiating out from the middle to the left side of the body. Chances are, the point on the left knee, behind the left knee, bladder 40, would be more effective than the one on the other side. But you're not going to do any harm if you stimulate both of them. As I said, there are different points that will affect the back depending on where the pain is. This was a demonstration of how to treat lower back pain. If you're experiencing pain in another area, I encourage you to seek out your local acupuncture physician to find out which points are right for you. I'm Hilary Talbott, and that was acupressure for the back.


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