Tomato and Rice Soup Recipe

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Rice and tomatoes go well together, adding some texture to the typically liquid soup. Mix in rice and tomatoes classically with this recipe from a professional caterer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Coreen from Shakes Bakes, and right now we're going to be making tomato rice soup so here are some of the ingredients we need. We need our tomatoes. I have Roma tomatoes here, pretty small ones, already peeled and just put aside. We need an eighth of a cup of rice. Now, this rice in particular is parboiled rice, but most rice varieties should work for this. We need an eighth of a cup of lentils, a half of a teaspoon of black pepper, a half of a teaspoon of salt. We need some sort of pot. I have a little pot right here. This is a spoon and a pureer of some kind. You can use a blender if you don't have one of those on hand. So, first thing's first, we are going to take our pureer, we're going to actually put our tomatoes in right now, so let's see if we can do this. Can they get in, woo, a little splash but they're in. Alright, so, lock it up and let's see her spin. Okay, I think we've got it pureed. Right now, we're going to take our tomatoes, put it in a pot; here we go, woo, there you go, and we're going to take our pot over to our fire, and we're going to keep this on our fire until it boils up, and at that point we're going to add some of the other ingredients. Now that we're boiling, we're going to go ahead and grab our lentils, acrobatics. This lid is in a roll, okay and we grab our rice, stir it up, and I'm actually going to put this on the back burner and let that cook for maybe another 15 minutes, and I'll test the rice to see how it is. This burner is a little wide for this pot. So, you put it on medium heat, there we go. So, I'll see you in 15 minutes. Okay, so it's actually been about 30 minutes, and our rice is now cooked through. I'm going to take it over to the counter over here, season it. This is our pepper and our salt like that, mix it up, and voila, and this is your tomato rice soup.


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