How to Make a Bench Top Hook-Style Work Holder

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If your work is moving away from you as you cut and nail into it, a hook-style bench top can arrest movement to let you keep working. Freeze moving wood in its place with help from a professional remodeler in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. In this segment, I'm going to show you how to make a bench hook. This is a bench hook, and it's a very useful tool for working when your work is getting pushed away from you. It gives you a nice stop to push the work against, and this stop hooks over the edge of your table to hold the whole thing in place. To build it, it's really easy. It's a good idea to square this piece up first, whether it's on your miter saw or on your crosscut sled, and then you can just line up your scrap pieces along the edge, and it will come out pretty square. I build mine with different thickness stops. I have a thin stop on one end and thick stop on the other. You might like that for different applications when the thicker stop might get in your way. To make your own bench hook, you're going to need some sheet stock, three quarter or five-eighths is fine; size it to whatever style of work that you do the most, or go ahead and build a few different sizes for different jobs. Also, a piece of three quarter scrap and a piece of half inch scrap, the same width as your sheet goods. You're going to need some nails or screws and some wood glue. Now, the first thing to do is make sure this piece is nice and square. I just put it up on my miter saw and cut the ends, and these long pieces got run through the table saw. The next thing you want to do is apply a good dose of wood glue on your stop. Then, you're going to line it up with the edges of your sheet piece, and fasten it in place with either screws or nails, whatever you happen to have handy. Once that piece is on, you flip it upside down and repeat the same process with your half inch scrap. Apply a nice, even coat of wood glue; line it up with the edges so it's perfectly flush. Your fingers work best. You want to just feel until there is no lip, and shoot it in place. Thanks for watching. I'm Chris Palmer. That's how you make a bench hook.


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