Acupressure Points for Adult Food Aversions

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Food aversions in adults can be relieved with the help of acupressure points in the body. Eat foods you hate or avoid with ease using tips from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist. Today, I will be demonstrating some acupressure points that might possibly help with adult food aversions. Now, there could be several reasons why you feel an aversion to a certain food. Perhaps it was something that you ate when you were sick and then you vomited and so you can no longer stand the smell or taste of that food or maybe it was something you were made to eat when you were a kid and there was something upsetting happening. There can be all kinds of different reasons. It could be as simple as you had morning sickness due to smell when you were pregnant and now you can't stand the smell or taste of this other food. So I'm going to show you a point today that I use all the time called P6 and the P6 is important, Pericardium 6, because it helps with nausea. So I've shown this point a lot for like morning sickness or motion sickness but let's just say that you're at a business event and you have to eat this food that you have a severe aversion to and makes you nauseous. So you could actually just stimulate this point in hopes of keeping the nausea at bay. P6 is located in between the two tendons on the inside of the forearm, right after the vein crosses. So, on our model today, it is about right here. So quietly, you just want to pinch this point while taking deep breaths and perhaps thinking of a food that you do like. Sometimes people will have aversions to food because they have an excess of what of the Chinese call dampness in the body and anytime that happens, smells can really provoke nausea and even vomiting. So, if you visit an acupuncture physician, they might actually treat those points specific to dampness. So, this one is just kind of symptom-based, and then another point let's say that you get a reflex because of this food aversion, is where the ribs come together right here on the Xiphoid Process, there's two points so I'm just going to use my fingers and my thumb to stimulate right here while taking nice deep breaths and what that does is it encourages everything to come back down the way it's supposed to instead of wanting to come up which we call Rebellious She. So, I encourage you to visit your local acupuncture physician to find out what the root cause of your food aversion is so that it can be cured later. I'm Hilary, and that was acupressure for food aversions.


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